Session: 103rd General Assembly
Year: 2024
Bill #: HB4621
Category: Courts
Position: Under Review
Revenue Loss?
Authority Preemption?

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Amends the Pretrial Services Act. Establishes in the judicial branch of State government an office to be known as the Office of Statewide Pretrial Services. Provides that the office shall be under the supervision and direction of a Director who shall be appointed by a vote of a majority of the Illinois Supreme Court Justices for a 4-year term and until a successor is appointed and qualified. Provides that the Director shall adopt rules, instructions, and orders, consistent with the Act, further defining the organization of this office and the duties of its employees. Provides that the Illinois Supreme Court shall approve or modify an operational budget submitted to it by the Office of Statewide Pretrial Services and set the number of employees each year. Provides that the Chief Judge of each circuit court shall elect to receive pretrial services either through the Office or through a local pretrial services agency (rather than each circuit shall establish a pretrial service agency). Provides that the pretrial services agency has a duty to provide the court with accurate background data regarding the pretrial release of persons charged with felonies and effective supervision of compliance with the terms and conditions imposed on release. Effective immediately.

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