Session: 103rd General Assembly
Year: 2024
Bill #: SB2827
Category: Elections
Position: No position
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Amends the Election Code. Replaces some instances of annual or semi-annual reports with quarterly reports. In provisions relating to limitations on campaign contributions, removes provisions inoperative beginning July 1, 2013. Removes a reference to the dissolved Task Force on Campaign Finance Reform. Removes references to a temporary filing system effective through August 1, 2009. Removes references to specified committees and the county clerk in the Code of Fair Campaign Practices. Repeals provisions relating to contributions by a medical cannabis cultivation center or medical cannabis dispensary organization to any political action committee created by any medical cannabis cultivation center or dispensary organization to make a campaign contribution to any political committee established to promote the candidacy of a candidate or public official. Amends the Illinois Procurement Code. Modifies the definition of "affiliated entity" and removes the definition of "sponsoring entity".

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