Session: 103rd General Assembly
Year: 2023
Bill #: HB4295
Category: Public Safety and Law Enforcement
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Amends the Missing Persons Identification Act. Defines "Ebony Alert" as a notification system designed to issue and coordinate alerts with respect to Black youth, including young women and girls, who are reported missing under unexplained or suspicious circumstances, who are reported missing and are at risk, who are reported missing and are developmentally disabled or cognitively impaired, or who have been abducted. Provides for procedures for law enforcement agencies to request activation of an Ebony Alert by the Illinois State Police if the law enforcement agency determines that an Ebony Alert would be an effective tool in the investigation of missing or abducted Black youth, including listing factors for the agency to consider. Allows use of a changeable message sign under specified circumstances. Provides that radio, television, cable, satellite, and social media systems are encouraged, but not required, to cooperate with disseminating the Ebony Alert or the information contained in an Ebony Alert. Amends the Video Gaming Act. Provides that the Illinois Gaming Board, in its discretion, may require video gaming terminals to display Amber Alert and Ebony Alert (rather than only Amber Alert) messages if the Board makes a finding that it would be economically and technically feasible and pose no risk to the integrity and security of the central communications system and video gaming terminals.

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