Session: 103rd General Assembly
Year: 2023
Bill #: SB0724
Category: Juvenile Justice
Position: No position
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In a provision requiring the Department of Human Services to develop a Youth and Community Services Program, provides that the program is to ensure that youth who come into contact or may come into contact with either the child welfare system or the juvenile justice system (rather than who come into contact or may come into contact with the child welfare and the juvenile justice systems) have access to needed community, prevention, diversion, emergency and independent living services. In provisions listing the Department's duties under the program, removes the duty to develop a statewide adoption awareness campaign aimed at pregnant teenagers. Adds the duty to establish temporary emergency placements for youth in crisis as defined by the Children's Behavioral Health Transformation Team through comprehensive community-based youth services provider grants. Sets forth certain requirements that such temporary emergency placements must meet. Provides that, once sufficient capacity has been developed, temporary emergency placements must also include temporary emergency placement shelters provided under the Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Services program, shall be managed by Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Services provider organizations, and shall be available to house youth receiving interim 24/7 crisis intervention services. Provides that nothing in the amendatory Act shall be construed or applied in a manner that would conflict with, diminish, or infringe upon, any State agency's obligation to comply fully with requirements imposed under a court order or State or federal consent decree applicable to that agency. Further amends the Juvenile Court Act of 1987. Provides that no minor shall be sheltered in a temporary living arrangement for more than 21 business days (rather than 21 days). Provides that if at any time during the crisis intervention there is a concern that the minor has experienced abuse or neglect, the Comprehensive Community Based-Youth Services provider shall contact the Department of Children and Family Services as provided in the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act. Includes other provisions.

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