Aggressive and effective legislative advocacy on behalf of Illinois' 102 counties is a core mission of ISACo. The successful pursuit of an advocacy agenda requires comprehensive knowledge of the legislative process, experience, and relationship-building skills. ISACo's legislative advocacy team possesses these important attributes and utilizes them to achieve favorable legislative outcomes for counties.

Executive Director Joe McCoy has more than twenty years of experience lobbying on behalf of local governments and leads the legislative activities of ISACo. Prior to joining ISACo, he served as Legislative Director for the Illinois Municipal League where he fought for the interests of Illinois' cities, villages and towns. Joe is an unapologetic advocate for local issues and local decision making.

ISACo maintains an "all hands on deck" approach to lobbying and retains the services of highly-competent contract lobbyists to advocate in support of county issues. We're pleased to introduce them below:


Scarabaeus, LLC

Donne Trotter understands the legislative process like few others. His knowledge and experience is a byproduct of his thirty years of service in the Illinois General Assembly. Donne served for five years in the Illinois House of Representatives and twenty-five years in the Illinois Senate where he developed a reputation as an expert on budget and finance issues. 




Alexander, Borovicka & O'Shea Government Solutions

Mike Alexander is regarded as one of the most trusted advisers to both public officials and corporate clients. Mike’s unique relationships with Republican and Democratic members of the Illinois General Assembly are vast, and his ability to secure support on behalf of his clients is unparalleled because of his deep understanding of the inner workings of state government, close contacts at the agency level, and his bi-partisan approach to creating consensus around an issue.

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John Borovicka's extensive career in public service includes over a dozen years working at the federal, state, and city levels of government. Through his work in both the public and private sector, John Borovicka has developed one of the most unique networks of experiences, relationships, and substantive acumen in the advocacy community today. With a diverse roster of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses, John has earned the trust of leaders in areas such as education, manufacturing, and technology to represent their governmental interests. 

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