Overview of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Reform Legislation - HB 163 (SFA#2)

1/7/2021 Joe McCoy

ISACo has prepared an overview of HB 163 as amended by Senate Floor Amendment (SFA) 2 (Senator Sims, D-Chicago). The document is available via this link.

The overview provides information about the many provisions within the 611-page amendment. 

The amendment will be discussed during a subject matter hearing scheduled for Saturday, January 9, 2021. A subject matter hearing allows for an issue to be presented and discussed without a vote following discussion. 

ISACo anticipates that SFA 2 will not be the final version of the legislation and that changes will be made based upon input from affected parties. For this reason, ISACo may not take an official position on the amendment as currently drafted because it may not be the final version. 

If you would like to provide any feedback to ISACo about SFA 2 to HB 163, please e-mail Executive Director Joe McCoy at jmccoy@isacoil.org or leave a comment below.

Update 1: The criminal justice and law enforcement reform provisions within HB 163 (SFA 2) have also been introduced in Senate Amendment 1 to HB 3653 (Senator Sims). 

Update 2: SFA 2 to HB 3653 was filed at 3:04 a.m. on Wednesday, January 13 and approved by the Senate by a vote of 32-23 during an all-night session. No committee hearing was held on the new amendment, which went directly to the Senate Floor for debate at 4 a.m. The new amendment is longer than the previous version of the bill and ISACo is reviewing the language.

The House will take up the legislation on Wednesday morning.

Update 3: The House approved HB 3653 as amended by SFA 2 by a vote of 60-50. 

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