The following ISACo Policy Briefs provide additional information about issues and laws that affect counties:

Omnibus Election Law - 2021

Explains changes to election law in 2021 that affect counties.

Leveling the Playing Field for Illinois Retail Law

Explains the internet sales tax law and how it benefits local governments. 

Recreational Cannabis and Local Governments

Includes local regulatory, tax, employment and expungement information.

The Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF)

Provides overview of what LGDF is and how it works.

Personal Property Replacement Tax (PPRT)

Provides overview of what PPRT is and how it works.

Motor Fuel Tax (MFT): Background and Purpose

Provides information about MFT and how it funds local transportation infrastructure.

Local Government Remote Meeting Authority

Provides information about when and how public bodies can hold remote meetings during COVID-19.