Representing Counties from the Statehouse to the Halls of Congress

ISACo's mission includes robust advocacy in support of counties before state and federal policymakers. To accomplish our mission, ISACo maintains a staff lobbyist and coordinates the activities of contract lobbyists. Information about state and federal legislation is available on this page of our website.

ISACo Tracked State Legislation and Policy  

Each year, the Illinois General Assembly considers thousands of introduced bills, resolutions, constitutional amendments and rule-makings  Many of these proposed policies affect, or are of interest to counties and county officials. State legislation and agency rule-makings tracked by ISACo are available via this link. 

ISACo Tracked Federal Legislation and Policy

​Legislation and rule-makings affecting counties are debated and advanced in the Legislative and the Executive Branches of the federal government. Federal issues tracked by ISACo are available via this link.

Bills Approved by the General Assembly in 2020

Several bills were approved by the General Assembly that either affect, or are of interest to county governments. Most of these bills were signed into law and are available via this link.

ISACo Legislative Policy Statement

ISACo is guided by several core principles and policy statements when taking positions on state and federal legislation. These principles and policy statements are approved by the Board of Directors and amended as necessary. ISACo's County Platform is available via this link.