As a member of ISACo, your county will be supporting our mission of bringing counties together and participating in our policy and decision-making structure. ISACo is comprised of the following committees…with more on the way! 

  • Legislative Committee
  • Cook and Collar County Caucus
  • Large County Caucus
  • Rural Action Caucus  

Dues Structure 

ISACo Basic Dues:  $300 + .006 cents per resident 

Cook and Collar County Caucus: $25 per 1,000 residents ($16,000 maximum) 

Large County Caucus: $35 per 1,000 residents ($7,000 maximum)* 

ISACo’s offerings of programs and services will grow as our membership and resources grow. Your membership will make a difference! 

*Counties with 100,000 or more residents.

Click here for our full membership brochure.