2024 Legislative Agenda

ISACo's 2024 Illinois County Action Program (ICAP) consists of six issues, five of which are included below while the sixth has been approved conceptually but remains under development. Each will be updated with its current status following introduction in the General Assembly. Click on the images below to read ISACo's position statements for additional information. 

Appointment of County Officials to Restore, Reinvest and Renew Boards

Status: HB 4513 (Representative Nichols, D-Chicago)

        SB 3565 (Senator Harriss, R-Glen Carbon)

Local Option County Motor Fuel Tax

Status: HB 4428 (Representative Guzzardi, D-Chicago)

Enhance Procurement Opportunities for Women and Minorities

Status: HB 4440 (Representative Will Davis, D-East Hazel Crest)

State Funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian Ways in Unincorporated Areas

Status: HB 4489 (Representative Ness, D-Carperntersville) 

        SB 3564 (Senator Harriss, R-Glen Carbon)

Website Posting of Property Assessments

Status: HB 4512 (Representative Nichols, D-Chicago)

Illinois County Action Program (2024)

Suggestions for future legislative proposals can be forwarded to ISACo via this link.

ISACo County Platform (2024)

ISACo's Illinois County Platform is re-visited and amended each year if necessary by the Legislative Committee and Board of Directors to reflect the position of the Association on issues that affect counties. Click on the image to view the 2024 County Platform.

Questions about ISACo's Illinois County Action Program or County Platform can be submitted via this link.

General questions about ISACo's Legislative Program may be answered in our Legislative Program FAQs resource.

ISACo Member County Legislative Agendas (2024)

Some Illinois counties adopt and publish legislative agendas identifying their priorities for the year. These agendas will be included below when obtained by ISACo.

Cook County

DuPage County

McHenry County