Session: 102nd General Assembly
Year: 2021
Bill #: SB3838
Category: County Authority
Position: No position
Mandate? Yes
Revenue Loss?
Authority Preemption? Yes

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Amends the Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act. In provisions regarding farmers' markets, removes language regarding administrative rules. Provides that a farmer who engages in the sale of specified products shall obtain a Farmers' Market Permit from each local health department of any unit of local government in which a sale takes place and that chooses to require a Farmers' Market Permit. Contains specified requirements that may apply to the permit. Provides that a Farmers' Market Permit shall be valid for one year. Provides that a fee for a limited egg Farmers' Market Permit shall not exceed $75 and a fee for a full Farmers' Market Permit shall not exceed $175. Provides that the fee limits shall be raised by 10% at specified times. Contains procedural requirements for creating, setting, or amending the fee required for a Farmers' Market Permit. Preempts home rule. Removes language listing produce and food products coming within the scope of the provisions. Makes other changes.

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