Session: 102nd General Assembly
Year: 2021
Bill #: SB2408
Category: Environment
Position: No position
Revenue Loss? No
Authority Preemption? No

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SB 2408 seeks to decarbonize the Illinois energy sector by closing private coal plants by 2030. Municipally-owned plants must close by 2045. The Prairie State Energy Campus in the Metro East and Springfield’s CWLP coal plants must also reduce 45% of the carbon emissions by 2035. If this goal is not achieved, the plants have until 2038 to reach the target, or they must retire one of their generating towers. Both plants would face a definitive closure date of 2045. The bill includes a $40 million grant program to help mitigate the impacts of closing nuclear and fossil fuel plants. Exelon would receive a $694 million bailout to keep the nuclear fleet running for another five years. The bill does not preempt local authority over the siting of wind or solar facilities.

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