Session: 103rd General Assembly
Year: 2023
Bill #: HB1740
Category: Public Safety and Law Enforcement
Position: No position
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Amends the Rescue Squad Districts Act. Changes the short title of the Act to the Emergency Services District Act. Makes conforming changes. Provides that the board of trustees of an emergency services district may recruit, employ, or contract with ambulance, rescue squad, or both ambulance and rescue squad personnel (rather than may recruit rescue squad personnel). Sets forth powers of a district relating to ambulance services. Provides that the board of trustees of a district may fix, charge, and collect fees not exceeding the reasonable cost of the service for ambulance services rendered by the district against persons who are not residents of the district and against businesses and other entities that are not located within the district. Sets forth permissible fees. Provides that a rescue squad district organized under the Act before the effective date of the amendatory Act may (i) continue to be named a rescue squad district or be renamed an emergency services district by ordinance of the board of trustees of the district, (ii) operate under the provisions of the Act as if they were organized as an emergency services district, and (iii) continue exercising taxing authority that was approved before the effective date of the amendatory Act. Provides that an emergency services district may be organized in whole or in part within a fire protection district that provides rescue services if the emergency services district is formed and operated solely to provide ambulance services. Amends the Collective Bargaining Freedom Act to make a conforming change.

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