ISACo News and Views for June 26, 2023

6/26/2023 Joe McCoy

This week's Illinois State Association of Counties (ISACo) News and Views e-newsletter links to our updated Bills Approved by Both Chambers Report, provides an update on the funding of health care benefits for non-citizens, links to a new report issued by Governor Pritzker's Commission on Workforce Equity and Access, shares information about an emergency rule pertaining to co-branded alcoholic beverages, announces the award of federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits by the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA), provides a reminder to register for the upcoming National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference in Travis County, Texas, highlights ISACo corporate partner PMA-IPRIME and invites counties to join ISACo. 

Bills Approved by Both Chambers Report

ISACo continues to update our Bills Approved by Both Chambers: Legislation of Interest to Counties in 2023 report by adding public act numbers to reflect bill signings. 

Pritzker Administration Institutes Cost-Controls for Non-Citizen Health Care Benefits

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (IDHFS) filed emergency and regular rules for the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults (HBIA) and Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors (HBIS) programs.

Public Act 103-0102 – the Medicaid Omnibus package – authorizes IDHFS to ensure the HBIA and HBIS programs do not exceed the funds available and appropriated by the General Assembly for State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2024.

IDHFS is implementing several cost containment measures beginning July 1, 2023. These measures include:  1) pausing new enrollment for those aged 42-64; 2) establishing co-pays; 3) implementing managed care; and 4) clawing back some over-payments to the Cook County Hospital System and limiting or eliminating backdated medical coverage. HBIS enrollment will remain open but will be paused in SFY 2024 if the number of individuals enrolled exceeds 16,500.

The Healthy Illinois Campaign issued a statement condemning the decision and called on Governor Pritzker to reverse his decision immediately and work with stakeholder groups on an alternative solution. The Latino Caucus called the announcement “disappointing.” Advocates continue to pressure the administration to rescind the policy decision.

In March 2023, the Pritzker Administration noted that the HBIS program cost the state $187.5 million over the prior 12 months. Projections suggested the cost would increase to $285 million in SFY 2024.

Expansions of the HBIA program have similarly outpaced expectations. This resulted in the Pritzker Administration projecting a total cost of $1.1 billion for noncitizen health care in SFY 2024 if enrollment is not capped. This amount is approximately five times what Governor Pritzker had proposed spending in his SFY 2024 budget.

Some opponents to the proposed rules contend that the health coverage cost estimates provided by the Pritzker Administration are not accurate. Thus far none of the opponents have produced evidence to disprove the numbers. 

The proposed emergency rules will be considered by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR), a bipartisan 12-member group of lawmakers from both chambers of the General Assembly. The rules will remain in place for 150 days, although HB 1298 allows the administration to refile an identical rule after that time.

JCAR could vote by a two-thirds majority to suspend the rules. It could also object to them, leaving them in place while requesting a response from the Pritzker Administration. The rules would remain in place if JCAR elects not to take any action. 

Workforce Equity and Access Report

Governor Pritzker's Commission on Workforce Equity and Access released a report entitled Strategic Recommendations for an Accessible, Inclusive, and Responsive Workforce Development System in Illinois. The report examines the state’s workforce ecosystem and focuses on issues of equity and structural barriers to access. The report makes several main recommendations, including:

  • Legislatively create a Chief Workforce Officer in the Governor’s Office.
  • Revitalize the Illinois Workforce Innovation Board and rename it the “Illinois Workforce Council.”
  • Various workforce system design enhancements, including service delivery enhancements, staff investments, system funding, and changes to federally funded programs.

Emergency Rule Filed Regarding Co-Branded Alcoholic Beverages
The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) filed an emergency rule to prevent confusion between alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages of the same brand and to prevent the marketing of alcohol to children. The emergency rule is in effect now and will expire on October 23, 2023.

Additional information on the emergency rule is available via this link.

Low Income House Tax Credits  

The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) is awarding almost $26 million in federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits to 18 affordable housing developments in 12 Illinois counties. The tax credits are expected to generate $235 million in private capital to finance the creation and/or preservation of 1,159 affordable units for low-to moderate-income families, seniors and people with disabilities.

Additional information is available via this link.

Registration for NACo Annual Conference

The 2023 National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference will be held in Travis County, Texas from July 21-24. Participants from counties of all sizes come together to shape NACo's federal policy agenda, share proven practices and strengthen knowledge networks to help improve residents’ lives and the efficiency of county government. Join other Illinois county officials and staff members in Travis County for learning and relationship building! Registration and information about housing for conference attendees is available via this link.

ISACo and the United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI) will host a dinner for Illinois attendees on Friday, July 21. The dinner will be sponsored by ISACo corporate partner Nationwide. Please email to reserve a seat or for additional information about the event. 


This week's corporate partner spotlight highlights ISACo's partnership with Illinois Public Reserves Investment Management Trust™ (IPRIME™), is an investment pool for Municipal Treasurers acting on behalf of counties, townships, cities, towns, villages, libraries, park districts, water supply districts, fire protection districts, sanitary districts, housing authorities and other subdivisions of the State of Illinois.

The IPRIME Investment Shares Series is rated AAAm by Standard & Poor’s.

The Investment Shares Series is comprised of money market instruments having a maximum remaining maturity of one year (except U.S. government obligations that may have remaining maturities of up to two years).

The primary objectives of the Investment Shares Series are to offer the highest possible investment yield, protect principal, preserve liquidity and maintain Standard & Poor’s highest local government investment pool rating of AAAm. In addition, the Fund offers access to PMA Financial Network, LLC’s Fixed Income and Deposit Programs. With the experience and expertise of PMA, the Investment Shares Series grants investors access to a powerful investment management team that functions with a high standard of vision, synergy, and quality.

Click here to visit their website.

Click on this link to learn more about the benefits and opportunities available through ISACo's Corporate Partner Program.

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