ISACo News and Views for April 9, 2024

4/9/2024 Nekya Hall

This week's Illinois State Association of Counties (ISACo) News and Views e-newsletter includes links to several ISACo-tracked bills scheduled for committee hearings this week, includes a list of bills approved by House Committees last week, announces a new Director for the Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI), makes county officials aware of Illinois State Representative Tim Ozinga's resignation, reports on Illinois ranking first for state policy on energy democracy, shares what ISACo staff is reading to stay informed, announces a partnership between ISACo and Constellation Telecom that will provide cost savings to participating ISACo member counties, announces upcoming National Association of Counties (NACo) webinar opportunities, highlights ISACo corporate partner Public Surplus and invites counties to join ISACo.

List of Tracked Bills in Committee

The following ISACo-tracked bills are posted for possible committee hearings this week. If there is no position listed then the bill is still under review by staff. In some cases, initial ISACo positions may be changed in the future. A complete list of ISACo tracked bills is available via this link.

HB 1542 - Law Enforcement Camera Grants (Support)

HB 2529 - Prop Tx-Senior Freeze (Oppose)

HB 2838 - DHS-Behavioral Health Funding (Support)

HB 3054 - Prop Tx-Senior Freeze (Oppose)

HB 4127 - Cd Corr-Reentry Program-Reimburse (Support)

HB 4489 - Bike/Pedestrian Path Funding (Support)

HB 4502 - Conservation-Open Space Fund (Support)

HB 4656 - $DCEO/Kane County State's Atty (Support)

HB 4887 - $Local Health Dept Funding (Support)

HB 5280 - $Sup Court-Mental Hlth (Support)

HB 4816 - Pretrial Success-Grants (Support)

HB 5650 - ICJIA-Community Violence (Support)

HR 0501 - Recognizes-McHenry County (Support)

HR 0547 - World Wetlands Day (Support)

SB 2751 - Local-Disabled Vet Permit Fee (Oppose)

*An ISACo tracked bill includes bills that directly or tangentially impact county finances and operations, bills that may be of interest to county officials for the performance of their duties and legislation presented "for your information." ISACo positions of "support" or "oppose" are usually reserved for bills that directly or tangentially impact county finances and operations. ISACo also supports member county initiatives that are consistent with ISACo's County Platform

Tracked Bills Approved by Committees Last Week

HB 1168 - Sexual Assault Evidence (No Position)

HB 1377 - Property Tax-New Residential (No Position)

HB 3519 - Pension Code-Tier 2-Various (No Position)

HB 3520 - Pension Code-Tier 2-Various (Oppose)

HB 2323 - Uniform Crime Statistics Data (No Position)

HB 3763 - Personnel Record Review (Oppose)

HB 3886 - IDPH-Public Health Emergencies (No Position)

HB 4255 - Vehicle Code-Tow Truck Lights (No Position)

HB 4295 - Missing Persons-Ebony Alert (No Position)

HB 4418 - Government Contract Retainage (Oppose)

HB 4475 - Insurance Code-Behavioral Health (No Position)

HB 4460 - Police and Fire Insurance-Mental Health (No Position)

HB 4585 - Law Enforcement-Arrest Quotas (No Position)

HB 4596 - Paid Leave for All Employees Act-Bargaining Units (No Position)

HB 4602 - One Day Rest in Seven Act-Various (Oppose)

HB 4604 - Camera Grant Act-Reports (Support)

HB 4726 - Juvenile Court-Excluded Jurisdiction (No Position)

HB 4753 - Case Review-Homicide Victims (Oppose)

HB 4754 - Uniform Crime Report-Homicides (No Position)

HB 4789 - Insurance Code-Dental Preauthorization (No Position)

HB 4808 - EPA-Water Regionalization (No Position)

HB 4809 - Finance-Public Works-Land (Support)

HB 4851 - Second Chance Act (No Position)

HB 4873 - Pension Code-Various (Oppose)

HB 5012 - Nursing Facility-Residency (No Position)

HB 5050 - Local Government Reduction and Efficiency (Oppose)

HB 5052 - Local Food-Good Food Program (No Position)

HB 5078 - Regional Planning Act-CMAP (No Position)

HB 5085 - EMS Act Training and Curriculum (No Position)

HB 5095 - Nursing Home-Discharge (No Position)

HB 5128 - EMS Telephone-Board Members (No Position)

HB 5131 - IDOT-Studies-Local Governments (No Position)

HB 5164 - Name Change-Pub Changes (No Position)

HB 5174 - Pension Code-IMRF Return to Service (No Position)

HB 5190 - Highway Code-Lapsed Funds (Support)

HB 5211 - Pension Code-Tier 2 Benefits (Oppose)

HB 5258 - Insurance-Dependent Parent Coverage (No Position)

HB 5277 - Transit-to-Trails Program (Support)

HB 5294 - Neonatal Intensive Care Leave (No Position)

HB 5295 - Insurance-Hormone Therapy Coverage (No Position)

HB 5300 - Wage Payment-Pay Stubs (Oppose)

HB 5346 - Unreliable Statements-Interrogations (No Position)

HB 5411 - Vehicle Code-Various (No Position)

HB 5432 - Crime-Free Housing Ordinances (Oppose)

HB 5435 - Vehicle Code-Noise Monitoring (Oppose)

HB 5445 - Property Tax-Refunds (No Position)

HB 5527 - Jail Release-Opioid Antagonist (No Position)

HB 5534 - State's Attorney-Officer Shootings (No Position)

HB 5542 - Property Tax-Charitable Exemption (Support)

HB 5546 - Julie-Positive Response System (No Position)

HB 5564 - Homeless Prevention Assistance (Support)

HB 5623 - Local Government Efficiency Committee (Support)

State Senator Ann Gillespie Appointed to Lead Department of Insurance

On April 8, Governor JB Pritzker announced that State Senator Ann Gillespie has been appointed as the new head of the Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI) and will begin serving in an Acting Director role in mid-April. Gillespie, who will resign her state senate seat, has served in the Illinois General Assembly since 2019 representing Chicago’s northwest suburbs. As a State Senator, Gillespie sponsored the bill to create the state-based health insurance marketplace and has been a trusted partner on health care consumer protection issues in the General Assembly. Gillespie is a former business executive, health care attorney, and consultant in the health care field. She brings decades of experience in the insurance and managed care spaces to the role.

The press release is available via this link.

Illinois State Representative Tim Ozinga Has Resigned

On April 8, 2024, Illinois State Representative Tim Ozinga (R-Mokena) announced his resignation effective immediately. Representative Ozinga has served the 37th district since 2021. According to 10 ILCS 5/25-6(a), vacancies created in the General Assembly must be filled within 30 days of the member’s day of resignation. 

The appointment to fill the vacancy will be made by the political party of the last incumbent. The Representative District Committee for the 37th Representative District will convene on Friday, April 12, 2024, at 3:00 PM at 9400 Bormet Drive, #10, Mokena, IL 60448, to review all applicant information, and vote to appoint the replacement for this vacancy in office and in nomination. This meeting is open to the public.

Illinois Ranked First For State Policy on Energy Democracy, Utility Responsibility

On April, 2, 2024, Governor JB Pritzker announced that Illinois was ranked #1 among 50 states and the District of Columbia for energy democracy and utility accountability, according to the Institute for Local Self Reliance. The study scored state policies on clean energy action, holding utility companies accountable, protecting ratepayers and other measures that support locally owned clean energy.

The press release is available via this link. 

What We're Reading

Women's Share of Council Seats in Big Cities Has Grown Dramatically (Governing)

Rockford State Rep: $165 Million Available to Communities Willing to Help Asylum Seekers (Rockford Register Star)

Sports Betting in Illinois Begins the Year with a Lull (The Center Square)

ISACo Announces Partnership with Constellation Telecom

ISACo is pleased to announce that the Association has entered into a corporate partnership with Constellation Telecom.

Constellation Telecom is able to obtain vendor quotes from hundreds of vendors for Phone Service, Phone Systems, both on Premises and also Cloud based, as well for Internet circuits, Cabling and IT support. The company will offer special pricing to ISACo members that will result in cost savings for participating counties.

Per the agreement, ISACo will receive an administrative fee for services provided by Constellation Telecom to member counties that receive services under a customer service agreement that identifies the Association. 

Additional information about Constellation Telecom is available via this link.

Upcoming NACo Webinars

NACo has announced the following upcoming webinar opportunities. ISACo is a proud partner with NACo and encourages counties to participate in NACo membership and activities. 

What’s In It For Rural? Analyzing The Opportunities for Rural America in IIJA, CHIPS, and IRA

(Monday, April 8, 2024, 12:30pm-1:30pm CST)

Join NACo for a briefing on the findings from the newly published Brookings Institution report, What’s in it for rural? Analyzing the opportunities for rural America in IIJA, CHIPS, and IRA.

This new publication reviews all the provisions in the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to catalogue those that are exclusively for rural places; those that stipulate rural preferences; and those that will have disproportionate relevance to rural places, identifying $464 billion worth of opportunities for rural community and economic development appropriated in the laws.

This webinar will provide insights from that analysis, which will include an examination of some of the key parameters and requirements that rural counties will have to navigate to access these resources. Presenters will also provide an orientation to the downloadable data posted alongside the report.

Click on this link to register for the webinar. 

Advancing Crisis Communications: Highlighting Models of 911/988 Collaboration

(Thursday, April 11, 2024, 1:00pm-2:00pm CST)

Counties are leading the development, modernization and infrastructure of local crisis response systems as communities’ mental and behavioral health needs continue to grow. One critical strategy is implementing the 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in coordination with existing 911 emergency response systems. This webinar will highlight models of 988/911 collaboration, including recommendations for planning and implementation. Panelists will discuss progress, challenges and lessons learned from advancing their communities’ crisis response systems.

Hosted by the National Association of Counties (NACo) in partnership with RAND and The Pew Charitable Trusts, this presentation will include representatives featured in NACo’s and RAND’s respective publications on 988/911 collaboration. This event is a follow-up to NACo’s Shaping Crisis Response Spotlight Series briefs.

Click on this link to register for the webinar 

Counties Securing the Nation’s Elections: Handling The Rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence

(Monday, April 15, 2024, 12:00pm-1:30pm CST)

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have catapulted the use of advanced computer technologies within society at unprecedented scale. This new presence of generative AI has already presented a new set of challenges for county election administrators as we begin this 2024 election year. During this tabletop webinar, NACo members will hear from experts on these new challenges and how counties can be proactive in addressing them this election cycle and beyond. Speakers and webinar attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in a discussion on how AI can be of benefit to county election officials, especially smaller, often rural, election offices.

Click on this link to register for the webinar. 

Counties and the Inflation Reduction Act: Elective Pay Update

(Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 2:00pm-3:00pm CST)

On March 5, the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) issued final regulations for the elective pay mechanism established in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Using elective pay, also known as direct pay, counties and other tax-exempt entities can monetize certain clean energy tax credits that they have previously been unable to access due to their lack of tax liability. On March 5, Treasury also unveiled a new proposed rule to provide criteria regarding the eligibility of certain ownership structures to claim elective pay. During this webinar, counties will hear from Treasury and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on these new regulations and other funding opportunities available under IRA.

Click on this link to register for the webinar. 

Global Connections for Your Local Economy Virtual Training #2: Crash Course on the Site Selection

(Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 1:00pm-2:00pm CST)

Ever wonder why multinational companies invest billions in some counties, but pass by others? Or what makes the difference between a successful business interaction which results in hundreds or thousands of new jobs, and one that falls flat? If you’re ready to take your county’s economic development to the next level, join the International Economic Development Task Force throughout this Spring for a special virtual training series on how to bring jobs and capital to your community through foreign investment. In this second training, we will receive an overview of the site selection process and discuss key characteristics for which multinational companies look throughout this process.

Click on this link to register for the webinar. 


This week's corporate partner spotlight highlights Public Surplus.

Public Surplus is an online auction platform that offers services to local government agencies. Their system was created with unique capabilities specifically for public agencies, making it much more than an auction site. 

ISACo has partnered with Public Surplus to provide large discounts for our county members when it comes to doing online auctions, specifically real estate sales. 

Through a partnership with ISACo, Illinois counties are eligible to list items with a reduced buyer's premium, which will encourage competitive bidding on surplus items listed. With Public Surplus, buyers are responsible for all service fees, and it costs counties nothing to use the service. 

Public Surplus will also provide a 10 percent rebate to ISACo on each sale so that the Association can continue to offer a high level of service at minimal cost to members. 

To foster this new partnership, Public Surplus will be offering a 20-minute webinar to interested individuals to learn more about Public Surplus. Participants will be guided on how to register, or re-register a new account. 

More information about the services provided by Public Surplus is available via this link.

*Please note, if you already use a Public Surplus account, you must re-register in order for ISACo to receive a portion of the sale. ISACo thanks you for your support!

Sign up or re-register your Public Surplus Account via this link.

Click on this link to learn more about the benefits and opportunities available through ISACo's Corporate Partner Program.

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ISACo member counties are comprised of forward-thinking public servants who recognize that the challenges confronting county governments require new and innovative ideas, collaborative solutions and collective advocacy at the state and federal levels of government.

Members of the association will benefit from education and training opportunities, peer-to-peer networking, shared resources and robust representation before policymakers at various levels of government. ISACo creates and connects county officials to these opportunities and successfully equips them to make counties ideal places to live, work and play.

If your county is interested in discussing membership in ISACo, please contact Member Services and Communication Manager Tiffani Homer at (217) 679-3368 or ISACo member counties are listed here. Thank you for your consideration.