Governor Signs Omnibus Gaming Legislation into Law


On December 17, 2021, Governor JB Pritzker signed HB 3136 into law as P.A. 102-0689. The bill includes the following provisions:

Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975

Provides the application process for the issuance of an organization license for the standardbred racetrack in Cook County. Changes the bond requirement for an applicant for an organization license. Makes changes to the qualifications for stallions for the Illinois Standardbred Breeders Fund breeding.

Illinois Gambling Act

Provides that an applicant for a suppliers license under the Act that already holds specified licenses issued by the Illinois Gaming Board is entitled to licensure as a supplier under the Act without additional Board investigation or approval, except by a vote of the Board. Provides for the term of such a license. Adds provisions concerning harmonization of supplier category licenses. Makes changes in provisions concerning the wagering tax.

Raffles and Poker Runs Act

Allows raffle licenses to be issued to fire protection agencies and associations that represent fire protection officials. Defines "fire protection agency" to mean a State, local government, or intergovernmental agency vested with the duty and authority to provide public fire suppression, rescue, or emergency medical services or an organization that provides support or assistance to such an agency.

Video Gaming Act

Creates a sales agent and broker license to solicit or receive business from current or potential establishments licensed under the Act. Allows a qualified fraternal organization and a qualified veterans organization that derive their charters from a national organization to apply for a license allowing video gaming if the proposed establishment meets specified criteria. Allows non-home rule units of government to increase video gaming fees up to $250 per terminal (currently $25). Makes changes concerning the distribution of license fees. Adds provisions concerning regulation by the State. Limits home rule powers.

Sports Wagering Act

Changes the renewal period for a supplier license from one year to 4 years. Provides that beginning 4 years after issuance of the initial supplier license, a holder of a supplier license shall pay a $150,000 annual license fee. Until July 1, 2023, allows tier 1 sports wagers that are not related to an individual athlete's performance and are made in person on Illinois collegiate teams. Provides that the requirement that an individual create a sports wagering account in person at a facility to participate in sports wagering over the Internet or through a mobile application applies until the issuance of the first master sports wagering license issued to an online sports wagering operator or March 5, 2022, whichever occurs first. 

P.A. 102-0689 became effective on December 17, 2021.