Session: 103rd General Assembly
Year: 2024
Bill #: HB5012
Category: Public Health, Hospital Facilities and Nursing Homes
Position: No position
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Amends the Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act. Adds provisions concerning involuntary terminations of residency, hearings when residency is involuntarily terminated, and readmission of residents. Provides that an establishment shall notify a resident when the establishment's ability to meet the resident's needs may be affected. Provides that if an establishment initiates a termination of residency, then the resident shall be provided with written notice. Provides that the Department of Public Health shall (rather than may) offer assistance to an establishment and resident in preparation for a residency termination. Provides that an establishment that improperly terminates the residency of a resident shall be assessed a violation. Makes additions to provisions concerning resident rights. Makes other changes. Amends the Nursing Home Care Act. Makes changes to provisions concerning the involuntary transfer or discharge of a resident, hearings when a resident is involuntarily transferred or discharged, and the readmission of residents. Provides that a resident has a right not to be unlawfully transferred or discharged from a facility. Makes other changes. Amends the Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act and the Nursing Home Care Act. Provides that in certain circumstances the Department shall order immediate readmission of a resident. Provides that failure to readmit a resident after receiving an order to do so from the Department shall result in a specified daily fine. Provides that the Department shall adopt rules related to conflicts of interest for persons who conduct specified hearings.

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