Position Statements on ICAP Proposals

ISACo's 2021 Illinois County Action Program (ICAP) consist of the 14 issues below. The issues include links to ISACo position papers with further information. Bill numbers will be added following introduction in the House or Senate. Suggestions for future legislative proposals can be forwarded to ISACo via this link.

Local Option County Motor Fuel Tax (MFT)

HB 1846

County Regulation of Adult Use Facilities

Limit Elimination of Duplicate Township Names to Occurrences in Same County

SB 501

County Board Involvement in Labor Negotiations

HB 3566

Majority Vote for Approval of Zoning Ordinance Change

SB 1738

Property Tax Abatements

Election of County Board Chair and Vice Chair

SB 1595

Reduce Erroneous Homestead Exemptions

HB 1949

Website Posting of Property Assessments

HB 811

Allow for Regional Polling Locations

SB 1628

Provide Additional State Financial Support for Public Health Departments

SB 1670

Duties of County Auditor

SB 1737

Additional Time to Redraw County Board Districts for 2020 Census

SB 1666

Allow County Highway Departments to Recoup Costs for Modifying Plans Based on Failure of Utilities to Relocate Facilities

SB 1899

ISACo's 2021 ICAP document is available via this link.

Legislative Agendas from Previous Years

2020 ICAP