Position Statements on ICAP Proposals

ISACo's 2022 Illinois County Action Program (ICAP) consist of the four issues below. The issues include links to ISACo position papers with further information. Bill numbers will be added following introduction in the House or Senate. 

Election of County Board Chair and Vice Chair - SB 1595

Reduce Erroneous Homestead Exemptions - HB 1949

Enhance Procurement Opportunities for Women and Minorities

State Funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian Ways in Unincorporated Areas - SB 3868

The 2022 ICAP publication is available below by clicking on the image.

Suggestions for future legislative proposals can be forwarded to ISACo via this link.

ISACo County Platform (2022)

ISACo's Illinois County Platform is re-visited and amended each year by the Legislative Committee and Board of Directors to reflect the position of the Association on issues that affect counties. Click on the image to view the 2022 County Platform.

Questions about ISACo's Illinois County Action Program or County Platform can be submitted via this link.