ISACo wrote several letters to Governor Pritzker urging that he take action on legislation of interest to counties. The letters are available below:


House Bill 4132 - Support 

Exemption from Parking Excise Tax.

House Bill - 4489 - Support

Exemption of transportation project funds from GATA.

House Bill 4772 - Support

Authorize counties to utilize design-build.

Senate Bill 3737 - Support

Authorize Kendall County to impose judicial facilities fee.


Senate Bill 501 - Support

Re-naming townships.

Senate Bill 1697 - Support

Exemptions under Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA).

Senate Bill 2520 - Support

State's Attorney conflict of interest. 


Senate Bill 685 - Support

Property tax late payment penalty waivers.

Senate Bill 2135 - Support

Remote meetings for public bodies.


Senate Bill 119 - Support

Collection of online sales taxes.

Senate Bill 1114 - Support 

Immediate injunctive relief to abate conditions detrimental to community health, safety and welfare.

Senate Bill 1236 - Amendatory Veto

Removal of county chairperson.

Senate Bill 1580 - Support

DuPage County regulation of adult facilities.

Senate Bill 1712 - Support

FOIA exemption for local government financial account information. 

Senate Bill 2023 - Support

Local taxation of recreational cannabis sales.