On January 27, 2023, Governor JB Pritzker signed P.A. 102-1123 into law. The law preempts county authority to enact local ordinances that prohibit wind and solar projects. This page is intended to serve as a resource for county officials and other interested parties seeking information about the law and the impact it has on counties and local communities. 

ISACo Wind and Solar Facility Task Force

ISACo created a Wind and Solar Facility Task Force to focus on wind and solar siting and zoning issues. The intention of the Wind and Solar Task Force is not to work toward repealing P.A. 102-1123, but to discuss and collect policy recommendations to provide counties with more flexibility when complying with the law. Questions about the Task Force should be directed toward Legislative Advocacy and Research Manager Nekya Hall at nhall@isacoil.org.  

Task Force Membership

Pamela Althoff, Chair (McHenry County)

Matt Asselmeier (Kendall County)

Bill Atkins (Tazewell County)

Mavis Bates (Kane County)

Julie Berkowicz (Will County)

Molly Berns (Sangamon County)

Troy Krup (Winnebago County)

Judy Ogalla (Will County)

Meta Mueller (Will County)

Eric Rasmussen (Grundy County)

Katie Deane-Schlottman (Will County)

Alicia Schueller (McHenry County)

Adam Wallen (McHenry County)

Jim Webster (Winnebago County)

Jodie Wollnik (Kane County)

Jackie Workman (Tazewell County)


Michael Jurusik (Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins)

Ryan McCreery (United Counties Council of Illinois)

ISACo Resources

Wind and Solar PowerPoint Overview

County Wind and Solar Zoning Restrictions (ISACo Issue Brief)

Wind and Solar Preemption - Legislative History 

News Stories

Grundy, Will County Officials Advocate for More Local Power Over Renewable Projects (Morris Herald-News - January 30, 2024)

Study: Illinois, Other Midwestern States Behind on Renewable Energy (Daily Herald - November 30, 2023)

Sangamon County Could See First Wind Farm Soon (Illinois Times - November 30, 2023)

Principle of Local Control is at Heart of Energy Zoning Debate (Michigan Counties Magazine - October 2023)

Vermilion County Board Puts Westville Solar Farm on Hold for Now- (The News-Gazette - October 14, 2023)

Piatt County Board, with Reluctance, Approves the County's First Wind Farm (IPM News - October 16, 2023)

ISACo-Tracked Wind and Solar Legislation

The following bills have been introduced to amend the wind and solar policy.  

HB 4135 - County-Solar Facility Setbacks (Support) (Bill Analysis)

HB 4422 - Counties-Wind and Solar Energy (Under Review) (Bill Analysis)

HB 4551 - County Cd-Wind & Solar Facilities (Under Review)

HB 4612 - Counties Code-Wind Facilities (Support)

SB 2595 - County Wind/Solar Regulation (Under Review)

SB 2892 - Counties-Wind & Solar Energy (Under Review)